We offer you collegial insurance advice with special conditions

Dear colleagues,

we would like to welcome you in the continental group and take the opportunity to briefly introduce ourselves and our service to you.

What is the Conti Insurance Service (CVD) and what service do we offer you?
We are the in-house insurance department of the Continental Group. Our tasks include the management of global corporate insurances for all Group companies and the preparation of group loss prevention measures for all regional locations.

As a benefit for every employee, we also offer personal insurance consultation. Many of our colleagues have trusted us for over 40 years when it comes to their private insurance matters.

What does this mean for you?
The insurance market in Germany can be quite overwhelming. We advise you on all your insurance matters: whether it’s a new contract, a calculation or simply honest advice among colleagues. Our team consists of qualified insurance advisors with years of experience. We do not receive any personal commission for the brokerage of contracts – this is the basis for our fair and honest advice.

Due to our position as a large insurance broker for the Continental group, we can pass on exclusive special conditions to you, so that you benefit from a very good price-performance-ratio.

Here are some highlights of the insurances we offer:

  • Occupational disability insurance with simplified health checks
  • Life insurance with simplified health checks
  • Private pension plans with high flexibility and no acquisition fee
  • Property and Car insurance with special benefits

For more information in English please get in touch with us

Contact details
We are available via e-mail, telephone, or Teams on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.. At our locations in Hanover, Frankfurt a.M. und Regensburg , we are also there for you personally.

Webinars „Introducing the Conti Insurance Service“ (ca. 30 minutes)
07. Juni 2024 – 10 till 10:30 am
19. July 2024 – 10 till 10:30 am
06. September 2024 – 10 till 10:30 am
08. November 2024 – 10 till 10:30 am